TLIGHT LED 8K is our most recent creation. We chose to create an LED version of the TLIGHT 85000W xenon product with a light output that was either the same or comparable due to its enormous success.

With a light output of 2.4 million lumens, the TLIGHT 85000W Xenon meets an extremely high standard. We aim to compete with the entire LED light market with this. If our calculations are correct, a 24,000W LED would be able to produce 2.4 million lumens if an LED can produce 100 lumens from 1w. Since the original TLIGHT could only emit this much light for three seconds at a time, we decided that the LED version would not have this restriction. In fact, we are making the device capable of continuous light production, though it can still be used to flash for any length of time as usual. Additionally, we reasoned that serving it as a first step would be a simple task for us to accomplish if the 24kW output would be too much—for example, if you would prefer to have three pieces of 8kW outputs at an event. The new LED modules that we created for this purpose allow for any assembly through the use of a modular system, allowing for the assembly of any size TLIGHT LED 8K and any Watt in terms of final product. Therefore, the choice of how much power to put in a unit is left to the customer. The fundamental TLIGHT LED 8kW is the outcome of SPECIAL development and operates with 144 pieces of 50W, or 7200W output. These LED modules have the capacity to consume 20% more power in order to flash. We say it’s 8kW because of this. About thirty minutes of continuous operation is made possible by the seven fans. Of course, the fans are controlled. On the one hand, the integrated protection controls them automatically. On the other hand, the user can achieve completely silent operation for a brief period of time—a feature absent from the original TLIGHT but useful in some filming scenarios.

This product’s brightness control technology means that it doesn’t have a completely flicker-free mode. Since rental companies on stages around the world will be our innovation’s primary customers, we didn’t even have a goal.

Its adoption of a three-phase power supply makes it a very generator-friendly product. To operate at maximum power, three phase 12A are needed in total on 230VAC.

Our numerous built-in thermal and electrical safeguards guarantee safe operation for ongoing operations.

Even though the original TLIGHT 85000W had a partially adjustable light emission beam angle, this product does not allow for beam angle adjustment; however, it can be reduced by half to 60 by 60 degrees with a front mirror grid, which has the added benefit of doubling output light flux!

The basic price listed here also indicates 5600-6000K, even though the original TLIGHT 85000W’s color temperature is 5600K. Of course, we can order differently.

2500K – 8000K can be operated, or even 8000K – 10000K can be requested.

However, we can also cater to customers who require color temperature regulation by offering the 2500-8000K range.

These specialized services won’t cost you more than 5% more.

It is possible to control the equipment using the RDM-DMX512 protocol.

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Product Price $12 710,00
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Size: 86cm x 30cm x 28cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 30 kg

Product Description

Product Features

Nominal Voltage 100-230VAC V
Power Consumption 3x12A A
Beamangle 60 degree or 120 degree Degree
Dimming 10-100 or 0-100 %
Control DMX
Color temperature 5600 K
CRI 90
IP rating IP45
Price 12710 USD
Weight 30 kg
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